Equipping Christians to live for Christ in their places of work has been on Larry Peabody's heart for decades.  He has seen the workplace from three angles--as an employee, as a business owner and as a senior pastor. 

As a young adult, he served in three Washington State agencies over a span of 11 years, primarily in the area of public information. For the next 17 years, he worked as a self-employed business owner, teaching business-writing seminars for a variety of public agencies and private companies. While still in that role, he led a team that planted a church, serving as a bi-vocational pastor for 8 years and then as a full-time, paid senior pastor for another 13 years. He retired from his senior pastor role in August 2007.

While working as a state employee, Peabody authored the book, SECULAR WORK IS FULL TIME SERVICE, published by Christian Literature Crusade (now under the new title, SERVING CHRIST IN THE WORKPLACE). His most recent book, JOB-SHADOWING DANIEL: WALKING THE TALK AT WORK, was published in 2010. Both books may be purchased online through Amazon.com.

Peabody received his DMin. from the Bakke Graduate University, with an emphasis on the theology of work.