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Encourage Others with Your Workplace Testimony

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I recently heard a woman give a workplace testimony to her church family on a Sunday morning. She works for an automobile dealer. A technician stopped by her office and began asking about her marriage. Did she ever face problems? If so, how did she resolve them? She told him that without Christ, marriage would be difficult. Similar conversations continued over the next few weeks. Then one day he came into her office, sank into a chair and said: “Okay, I'm having an affair.” She compassionately pointed out some steps he needed to take to save his marriage, and then continued to hold him accountable. The marriage is still intact today.

After the church meeting ended, a man new to the congregation (who had been married four times) approached her. “I want to urge you to keep it up,” he said. “Because if I had had someone in the workplace doing what you are doing, I would not be where I am today.” Her testimony had spoken deeply to this man. And what he said in response spurred her on, giving her “the courage to go on with my ministry in the workplace.”

How can you create a workplace testimony? Here are some suggested questions that may prompt your thinking. Don't try to answer them all. Focus on those that best fit your experience in the workplace. Fill your testimony with specific examples:

After you've prepared your workplace testimony, ask for a five-or-six-minute opportunity to present it to those in your church fellowship.

If you've already given a workplace testimony, I'd love to hear about it. Describe it in the “comments” space below for inclusion in this website.

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