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Free Study Guide Now Available for SERVING CHRIST IN THE WORKPLACE

Thursday, December 25, 2008

You may now download from this website a 12-unit study guide for the book, Serving Christ in the Workplace. The free guide can be used in a variety of ways (for example, by adult Sunday school classes, home study groups, cell groups or individuals working alone). 

Each unit of the study guide corresponds to a chapter in the book, providing questions designed to help participants interact with and apply the text. Lessons appear in three sections.

The Groundwork section is designed to help group members prepare ahead of time to discuss the material with others (or to serve as a “warm-up” for those studying alone).

The Groupwork section raises both general and workplace-related questions and provides space for making notes.

The Heartwork section challenges each participant to relate the lesson to his or her own life and workplace ministry.

The first two chapters deal with the question: Do you really belong in the world of work?

1. No One Can Serve Two Masters—Escaping the sacred-versus-secular work trap.

2. Assignment: Babylon—Accepting your mission to work in the world.

Chapters three through seven touch on motivation: Why should you get up and go to work?

3. Up on the Lampstand—Mirroring God in your work life.

4. The Daily Grind—Welcoming workplace stress as spiritual formation.

5. Trimming the Lamps—Building up fellow believers in your workplace network.

6. Glowing without Glaring—Embodying gospel truth among unbelievers.

7. Light Housekeeping—Offering your work itself as service to God and others.

The final five chapters help answer the question: How can you overcome the world at work?

8. Secrets of a Light Heavyweight—Thriving spiritually in a worldly setting.

9. The Added Things—Managing your earnings with Kingdom priorities.

10. The Rest Areas—Resting: God's guardrail against burnout.

11. The Church in the Workplace—Recognizing the body of Christ where you work.

12. Wanted: Spiritual Grownups—Aiming for true spiritual maturity.

You may download the entire study guide or each chapter individually. All downloads are in PDF format. To download, go to the RESOURCES page of this website.

Comments (3)

Larry Peabody (12/26/2008 1:48:48 PM)
Yes, Ken, CBMC is doing a terrific work. Some of their members took part in a seminar I recently conducted in Maryland.
Ken (12/26/2008 10:28:20 AM)
Hi Larry, thanks for your email. I love your site too! Great info on being a witness in the workplace. Do you know of ? Great christian group of businessmen reaching the workplace!
Jimmy Foong (4/19/2015 7:12:02 PM)
I would like to have a copy of "serving christ in the workplace" study guide for my personal growth. Thanks

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