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Prayer Cues for Your Workday

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Countless Christians repeat what we call the Lord’s Prayer in our Sunday gatherings. As a result, a great many of us can repeat it word-for-word from memory. But how often do we carry the themes of that wonderful prayer over into Monday and the work week?

If you’re one of those who knows the Lord’s Prayer by heart, you might want to use its key lines as cues to help you pray before your workday begins. How might you go about doing that? The options, I’m certain, have no limit. But here’s an example of how the Lord’s Prayer might prompt prayer prior to leaving for the office, during your commute, or before clocking in. (Note: the boldfaced words blend the two versions of the prayer recorded by Matthew and by Luke.)

The advantages of the Lord’s Prayer as a springboard for workplace prayer are obvious. It immediately focuses your attention on God the Father and the reverence due him—so often missing in the world of work. Before anything else, it puts front and center his coming kingdom and the need for his will to be done here on earth, the stage on which your daily work takes place. And finally, it will remind you to pray for those human needs common to all: provision of bodily needs, pardon for failures, and protection from the lures present in every sphere of work.

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