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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

For the past seven years, Troy has served as a software developer in the Information Technology department. Wanting to learn more about God's Word and how to apply it, Troy began meeting with a few other Christians to study the Bible during their lunch hour. “The company allows various groups to meet in its office building,” he says, “as long as it doesn't interfere with our work or require company money or resources other than just the use of the space.”

A woman who had previously attended their Bible study mentioned her excitement about a video series being shown in her church fellowship. It was so good, she said, she'd like to see it again. Would they like to view and discuss these videos in their lunchtime gatherings? The group agreed, so began the series in September and completed it in March. Since that time, they have been revisiting a selected topic each week.

“We meet every Friday noon for an hour,” Troy says. “Each video is an hour long, so we watch just half of one segment and then discuss it for 30 minutes. If someone misses a day, they still have the opportunity to watch half of the material for that topic.”

The response? Thoroughly positive. “We enjoy the material and want to share it with others,” Troy reports. Our study facilitator invited a friend who was seeking—and that friend eventually received Christ. I think this series may have played a role in that.”

The series has also helped believers grow in their faith and walk. The facilitator herself attended the original Bible study for a while, but then “fell off the wagon” (her words), stopped attending and even slacked off on spending time with the Lord on her own. But since the video series began, she rejoined the group and is now facilitating the weekly study time. Back on the wagon now, she is growing in many ways.

This is taking place right inside the offices of an immense corporation. This “little” light of ours can shine into all kinds of large and darkened spaces. All it needs is a small opening.

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