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Joining God in His Work Where You Work

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Joining God where he is working requires us to believe and act on these facts:

The first of these three steps of faith flies in the face of the non-Christian idea that God, if there is one, doesn't involve himself in the mundane affairs of this earth. This kind of faith also parts company with so-called Christian thinking that cannot see God at work in “secular” settings like the workplace. God worked in the life of the pagan king, Nebuchadnezzar, by giving him meaningful dreams intended to humble him. In Noah's day, God acted in a way that affected every life on earth. This whole world belongs to the sovereign God who made and still sustains it.

The second step of faith demands that we pay attention. When signs along the highway say, “Construction crew at work,” you'd better take note and drive on with eyes wide open. If you believe God is at work in his world, you need to stay sensitive to where he is working in your particular corner of that world. When Nebuchadnezzar told Daniel about his dreams, Daniel sensed that God was at work right there in the Babylonian bureaucracy.

Step three requires faith that falls into step with God by collaborating in his work. It's not enough simply to recognize God at work here or there. We must get off the dime and exert ourselves. Daniel did so each time he interpreted a dream for Nebuchadnezzar.

But Daniel lived a long time ago. How do believers join God in his work today? Jana, a Christian mother of four (and a fifth who died at two weeks of age after open-heart surgery) was working as a barista in Starbucks. Was God at work in this world of caramel lattes and cappuccinos? When a woman in her late 20s ordered a drink, Jana thought to herself: “Hmmm. This looks like a woman who came in several weeks ago—but she was pregnant then.”

Unsure it was the same woman, Jana simply said, “How are you feeling?”

“Funny you should ask,” the woman replied. “I've come in only one time before this, and I was pregnant back then.”

“That's what I thought!” Jana said. “How's baby doing?”

“Not good. We just admitted her to the hospital. She has three serious heart conditions.”

“Stay right there,” Jana said—then made quick arrangements to take her break right then. Walking over to the woman, Jana said, “I was in your shoes ten years ago.” Jana hugged her. Cried with her. And briefly prayed with her—right in the middle of a Starbucks store. The next day, Jana went to the hospital to be with the woman while the baby went through heart surgery.

The relationship has continued. Jana spoke to the woman about salvation through faith in Christ and invited the woman to their church fellowship. Since then, the woman and her family have moved to California. But she and Jana still call and text each other and exchange Christmas cards. The baby with the heart conditions is now three and thriving.

Where is God working where you work? Where is he working today? How can you join him there?

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