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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wow! None of my blogs has ever received as many comments as the one last week. In it, I asked: "How can pastors and church leaders incorporate workplace-preparedness into the DNA of their church life?” The responses would, I hoped, help me create a pastor-oriented seminar. Did they ever! Some came via the comments space; others by email. In this week's blog, I'll try to condense those responses.

Last week I first asked readers for examples of what their churches were "doing to equip believers to represent Christ in the work world.”

One response came from a pastor. He presents "ministry” and "secular” vocations so that neither is honored above the other.

My second request asked readers to describe the kind of help they, as working Christians, would like to receive from their churches.

My third request prompted by far the most responses. I had asked readers to name the greatest challenge they face as Christians in the work world.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who responded. Your honest answers are helping me shape what looks at this point like a half-day seminar for pastors and church leaders. Please pray that God's Spirit will direct in this labor of love and that he will open opportunities for presenting the material.

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