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Friday, March 04, 2011

Whether paid for it or not, you probably think often about your work.  Does God think about human work?  And if so, what does he think about it?  What does the Bible say about work?  That’s the question behind the Theology of Work Project (

Haddon Robinson serves as President and Co-Chair of the 17-member steering committee for the project. By exploring 35 biblical books or groups of books, contributors are seeking to discover what God has revealed about this activity that makes up such a large part of our lives. Currently, you can read theology-of-work commentaries on 13 of those books and groups.

The project is also developing topical Bible studies on 20 work-related subjects. They chose these issues by asking 132 leaders in the workplace to identify what a theology of work should cover. Two of those essays are already completed and online—one on "Calling” and the other on "Ethics & Work.” Still in process: topics such as, "Relationships at Work” and "Evangelism and Work.”

In his introduction, Robinson raises the question, "What is this Theology of Work?” His answer: "It serves as a guide for workers and for people who work with workers to understand and practice what the Scriptures say about work.”

Robinson writes: "These articles will not answer those sticky issues by providing a set of rules, but it will attempt to give us a direction to go. After all, the Scriptures resemble a compass rather than a roadmap. But when you're on the journey, a compass can be very helpful. We want these articles to help Christ-followers make the decisions that they have to make in the workplace.”

Here’s a sample from the commentary on Galatians, Ephesians, and Philippians (written by Mark Roberts): ". . . when we glimpse how God is restoring all of creation through Christ, and when we discover that our work plays an essential role in that plan, then our workplace becomes a primary context for us to do the good works that God has prepared for us.”

Any Christian—pastor, teacher, business person, employee—will find the Theology-of-Work Project useful. As Robinson explains in his introduction,  "If you're a pastor preparing a series of sermons to help your people see what God says about work, there will be many different ways that you can approach your study here. If you're teaching a Sunday school class or leading a discussion in Adult Education on the topic of work, you'll find that what you have in your hands will be invaluable. If you’re wrestling with a decision in your work, you’ll find a practical guide to understanding how God’s word can direct you.”

The website is interactive. By creating a free account, you may submit comments, suggest improvements, and add specific examples.

Check it out at


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