Twelve-Session Course: Daniel as Workplace Coach

How can a believer turn workdays into full-time service for God? Who better to serve as a coach or mentor than Daniel, who worked for decades in Babylon? A new 12-week course helps Christians in the work world discover why even Daniel’s pagan boss saw that he served God "continually” on the job.

The video in each lesson links to a chapter in the book, Job-Shadowing Daniel: Walking the Talk at Work, by Larry Peabody. Each chapter explores a question vital to those in the work world:


The material for this course includes:

In quantities of 10 or more, participant copies of Job-Shadowing Daniel are available from the publisher at a 50-percent discount.



By looking to Daniel as a workplace mentor, you can see that God calls people not only into church-related work but also into non-religious occupations. His experience will show you what "ministry” looks like in the context of the work world. Daniel's decisions display how to live by kingdom-of-God vision in the workplace. He demonstrates how knowing your identity produces stability under the pressures of the work world. And from Daniel, you can learn many secrets for staying spiritually strong in adverse conditions over the long haul.

Job-Shadowing Daniel: Walking the Talk at Work is a Scripture-based book. Modern examples from the workplace bridge the distance between today and Daniel's experiences in ancient Babylon.

The book naturally works as a study guide for use individually, by small groups, or in adult Christian education classes. Life-application questions conclude each chapter. R. Paul Stevens, author of THE OTHER SIX DAYS, says: "I wish every Christian working in the world, and every pastor, would read this book and gain this transformed and transformative vision."

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Serving Christ in the Workplace by Larry Peabody


Shall I continue in "secular" work or quit my job and enter full-time Christian service? 

Serving Christ in the Workplace will help you with biblical insights for answering that question.

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"This book has an important message for the believer who feels that he is sentenced to being a second-class citizen in the kingdom of God simply because he finds his daily calling in the secular world."  

Arthur Wallis, Author, God's Chosen Fast



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Chapter 1: No One Can Serve Two Masters—Escaping the sacred-versus-secular work trap.

Chapter 2: Assignment: Babylon—Accepting your mission to work in the world.

Chapter 3: Up on the Lampstand—Mirroring God in your work life.

Chapter 4: The Daily Grind—Welcoming workplace stress as spiritual formation.

Chapter 5: Trimming the Lamps—Building up fellow believers in your workplace network.

Chapter 6: Glowing without Glaring—Embodying gospel truth among unbelievers.

Chapter 7: Light Housekeeping—Offering your work itself as service to God and others.

Chapter 8: Secrets of a Light Heavyweight—Thriving spiritually in a worldly setting.

Chapter 9: The Added Things—Managing your earnings with Kingdom priorities.

Chapter 10: The Rest Areas—Resting: God's guardrail against burnout.

Chapter 11: The Church in the Workplace—Recognizing the body of Christ where you work.

Chapter 12: Wanted: Spiritual Grownups—Aiming for true spiritual maturity.




Your Work Matters to God by Doug Sherman and William Hendricks

Sample:  “Some people view their work in purely secular terms; work and God are mutually exclusive. Others have adopted what I call a Two-Story view, in which work has no intrinsic value. And others regard work as merely a platform for evangelism. As we'll see, these attitudes are sub-biblical; they are not completely at odds with Scripture, but they are not wholly in line with it either.”


Liberating the Laity: Equipping All the Saints for Ministry by R. Paul Stevens

Sample:  “We are equipped for the kingdom in the furnace of life. It was no accident that Joseph was thrown down the pit; he was an informer and an opinionated prig (Gen. 37:2, 5-11). Being put in Pharaoh's prison was the appointed means of getting him into Pharaoh's court. Ministry came out of work, not work out of ministry. . . . God prepares us for kingdom work by what we learn in so-called secular work.”

The 9 to 5 Window by Os Hillman

Sample:  “Satan wants to deceive you into thinking that the only reason you work is to earn a living. He wants you to think your life work is not a calling. . . . God is calling forth believers today to see their vocations as instruments of transformation.”


The Heavenly Good of Earthly Work by Darrell Cosden

Sample:  “When we are together in our various Christian gatherings and meetings, small or large, formal and informal, we have to be intentional about devising ways to help us see each person in their daily work as a missionary. This means that we . . . need to consciously practice bearing God's image by continually ‘naming' ourselves and our work as missionary. And if we are actually going to get beyond seeing work or the marketplace as a platform for ‘real' spiritual ministry, we will probably have to overdo this for a while.”


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The new concept of the church is now clear. The new creation has to happen where the old creation resides.... The Gospel has to be lived at the bank, the stores, the schools, the houses, the prisons, the rental offices, the government offices, the factories and mills, the slums, the streets, the race pens and the rabbit hutches of the modern metropolis. You can't get these rabbit pens to come into the church.
- from a message by the late Carlyle Marney
. . . it is hard to believe that we really are full-time “salt and light” when only visiting missionaries are asked to come up front in church and visit our small groups to talk about the ups and downs of their ministries.