Your Church Can Schedule a Seminar

Churches often sponsor seminars on evangelism, leadership, assimilating newcomers, Christian marriage, godly parenting and other relevant topics. But has your church ever offered a seminar on how to turn a so-called "secular” job into an authentic way to serve Christ?

Believers Invest Their Best Hours at Work. Some 35 people from one church recently took part in a Serving Christ in Your Workplace seminar. They called out the number of hours they worked each week as one group member entered their answers into a calculator. The total: 1,746 hours—or an average of nearly 50 hours each per week. In other words, they were spending almost 45 percent of their waking hours on the job.

Needed: Encouragement from Churches. But in spite of this heavy investment of time, R. Paul Stevens says "Few business people . . . think of themselves as full-time ministers in the marketplace. Fewer still are encouraged in this by their churches” (The Other Six Days, p. 39). In our seminar, Serving Christ in Your Workplace, we partner with churches to provide just that kind of encouragement.

Who Should Attend?

What Does the Seminar Cover? The seminar aims to help participants find biblical answers to three basic questions:

Who are you in Christ? (Is it right to think of yourself as a "minister” where you work? What traditions from church history still divide Sunday from Monday? What New Testament picture-words can reshape your thinking about your own identity at work?)

Why did God position you in your workplace? (Are you there only to evangelize and make money to support your church and missions? Or are there additional reasons God has placed you in your job? As a Christian, what should motivate you to get up and go off to work each day?)

What practical steps can you take to serve Christ in your everyday work? (Once you know God's strategic reasons for sending you into your workplace, how can you intentionally cooperate with him in carrying out his various purposes for you there?)

For More Information on Scheduling a Seminar:

God used this presentation powerfully to show me the next vital step in my life journey.
Helpful tools, affirming and encouraging. Very valuable, absolutely essential for all believers to recognize the workplace as their mission field.
...the best class I have ever gone to.
...helped me to understand how God is at work in me while I do my job--and gave me ways to recognize how I can join Him in His work there.
It covers what most Christians in the workplace face on a daily basis.